CARD – Plantable Tea Card – Spearmint and Sweet Marjoram (Անանուխ)

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Elevate your stationery by sending a card no one can forget.

This handmade tea card is crafted with seeds of spearmint and sweet marjoram. In ancient times, spearmint symbolized wisdom and hospitality. Perhaps it is no wonder that spearmint grows abundantly throughout present-day Armenia, as hospitality is one of the foremost cultural traits of the Armenian people. This tea card also contains sweet marjoram, which in ancient times symbolized happiness and love. Both spearmint and sweet marjoram are widely used today, in Armenian cuisine, as well as in herbal tea blends.

The front of this tea card is painted with mineral pigments and egg yolk, employing Medieval techniques used in religious iconography and Armenian manuscript painting. It depicts an eagle, which is a symbol of domination and generosity. This particular eagle was adopted by many Armenian royal houses, which had their roots in Artsakh, as the white-headed eagle was the traditional heraldic symbol of the mountainous land of Artsakh and features prominently in the Republic of Artsakh's coat of arms today.

Each card is not only plantable but a work of art. Recipients of these cards have framed them.

The back of this tea card contains a removable white surface, on which you can write and impart your note.

Your recipient can admire your tea card for ages, or choose to plant your gift, which will sprout into herbs that can be harvested to make one of our favorite teas to enjoy after a heavy meal.

- Approximately 6 x 4 inches
- Container planting is recommended for this tea card because bergamot may spread quickly and overtake your garden
- Paper is non-acid and lignin-free. An acid-free and lignin-free paper is a purified material that will not break down over time and become acidic. (This is important for archival purposes and the seeds!)
- Planting instructions included
- Envelope included


The Armenian people, worldwide, are in a state of despair. 100 years after the Armenian Genocide, we saw that the loss of our people, homeland, and culture has not ended, most recently with the violent uprooting of Artsakh. We founded QAMI JAN in 2022 to uplift your spirit, to create a renewed sense of hope and resistance. We do this by focusing on our ancient culture and supporting local artisans. We are not relics. We are very much alive. And we will return.

Please join us in sharing the QAMI JAN spirit.

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