CARD – Plantable Tea Card – Lemon Thyme and Savory (Ուրց)

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Elevate your stationery by sending a card no one can forget.

This handmade tea card is crafted with seeds of lemon thyme, mountain savory, and summer savory. Ուրց (pronounced "urts") both refers to the herb "thyme," which was a symbol of courage and heavily used by the Armenians in ancient times for its medicinal properties, as well as to the common name for the aromatic tea that is widely enjoyed today. In Armenia, urts tea is often blended with another herb: savory, a shrub-like herb in the mint family, which has a delicate earthy and stimulating aroma.

The front of this tea card is painted with mineral pigments and egg yolk, employing Medieval techniques used in religious iconography and Armenian manuscript painting. It depicts a lion passant (a lion with a single forepaw raised).

Lions are symbols of power, might, and bravery, which is why they were included in the family crests of several Armenian royal houses, including the Bagratuni and the Sumbatians. Similarly, thyme symbolized courage in the ancient world, as noted above.

Each card is not only plantable but a work of art. Recipients of these cards have framed them.

The back of this tea card contains a removable writing surface on which you can write and impart your note. 

Your recipient can admire your tea card for ages or choose to plant your gift, which will sprout into fresh herbs that can be harvested to make one of our favorite teas for relaxation.

- Approximately 6 x 4 inches
- Container planting is recommended for this tea card because bergamot may spread quickly and overtake your garden
- Paper is non-acid and lignin-free. An acid-free and lignin-free paper is a purified material that will not break down over time and become acidic. (This is important for archival purposes and the seeds!)
- Planting instructions included
- Envelope included