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Lavash: The bread that launched 1,000 meals, plus salads, stews, and other recipes from Armenia Hardcover – Illustrated, October 29, 2019

by Kate Leahy, Ara Zada, John Lee

It's rare to find a cookbook that features recipes from Artsakh. If you're looking for a great kurkut recipe or the right blend of neutral-sour-earthy herbs for jingalov hats, this cookbook has it! Plus many great traditional Armenian recipes, including braised trout, eetch, stuffed peppers, and more!

The Details:

Lavash is packed with history, stories and do-able recipes gathered from travels to Armenia. This cookbook not only reveals how to make lavash, the UNESCO-recognized flatbread of Armenia, but also shares 60+ recipes of what to eat with it, from soups and salads to hearty stews paired with lots of fresh herbs. Stunning photography and essays provide an insider's look at Armenia, a small but fascinating country comprising dramatic mountains, sun-drenched fields, and welcoming people. With influences from the Middle East and the Mediterranean as well as from Russia, the food of Armenia is the next cuisine to explore for people who want to dig deeper into the traditions formed at the crossroads between the East and West.

Featured: KCRW's Good Food, SF Chronicle (best cookbooks 2019), and The New York Times (a jingalov hats feature).




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