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Each KNITTED BOWL BAG is lovingly handwoven by artisans who were forcibly displaced from Artsakh and continue to resist cultural erasure. Made with natural dyes, the colors are vibrant, full of life and energy. And you will feel it too.

The KNITTED BOWL BAG is a limited edition collaboration between QAMI JAN and TUMO Studios, based in Yerevan, Armenia.

This collaboration references the tradition of dying fabrics from natural materials, which was a specialty of Armenians throughout the Ottoman Empire, and largely lost to the region during the Armenian Genocide (1915-23). (This is likely why most "turkish rugs" created post-1920 were made from synthetic dyes.)

Our KNITTED BOWL BAG is handwoven from 100% cotton, naturally dyed with:

  • Flowers of the indigo shrub (top)
  • Flowers of the indigo shrub (bottom)
  • Madder roots (label)

Carry as a handbag for your daily tasks, like visiting the farmer's market, and then use at home as a display bowl. Simply fold over the lighter top, and the KNITTED BOWL BAG will stand upright to hold your fruits and vegetables.

  • Size: 14 x 10 inches
  • Each item is handmade and has minor variations
  • As a bowl, can hold 2-3 quarts of fruit
  • As a bag, please be mindful that it can hold a lot but may stretch if overpacked
  • Comes with 100% cotton, food-safe storage bag
  • Limited edition: you will receive a document with your edition number