COMPLETE NECKLACE WITH CHARMS – Unapologetically Armenian Necklace

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We've partnered with our favorite jeweler to bring you luxury charms like no other. Consciously made by The Carbon Culture in their NYC Studio. 

Designed with love by QAMI JAN. 

We removed the traditional luxury jewelry markups, because we want these symbols to be more accessible. And yet, everything is still solid gold, with each charm made by hand. 

- All jewelry is 100% upcycled solid gold (never plated or vermeil) | available in 14kt yellow gold or 14kt rose gold
- Our paperclip necklace is 16 in. long with solid gold links that are each 10 mm long and machined into hollow links for lighter weight and easier wearability
- Eco-conscious packaging | unique magnetic closure gift box designed by QAMI JAN, which you will never want to throw away
- Production time 4-7 business days 
- Made and designed with love in NYC by Armenian women-owned businesses

Eagle + Armenian Highlands + Armenian Angels + Little Dragon + Lion = Unapologetically Armenian


Eagles are symbols of wisdom, power, and generosity, which is why they are an Armenian heraldic symbol and part of Artsakh's coat of arms.

Our Armenian Highlands charm corresponds to the regions that indigenous Armenians and their predecessors the Uratians have inhabited for millennia, including Western Armenia + Eastern Armenia + Nakhichevan + Javakhk + Artsakh. 
Armenian Angels symbolize the community of women who were and are the pillars of Armenian life. They represent the eternal force that enables us to not only survive, but thrive, rebuild, and create.

The Dragon (or "Vishap" | Վիշապ) in Armenian mythology is the spirit of water and wealth. Believed to be related to ancient water and fertility worship in proto-Armenian culture, monuments of dragons ("Vishapakar" | Վիշապաքար, literally a "dragon stone") were stationed near water sources, such as mountain springs and ponds, where they offered protection. 

Lions are symbols of power, might, and bravery, which is why they were chosen for the family crests of several Armenian royal houses, including the Bagratuni and the Sumbatians. 

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The Armenian people, worldwide, are in a state of despair. 100 years after the Armenian Genocide, we saw that the loss of our people, homeland, and culture has not ended, most recently with the violent uprooting of Artsakh. We founded QAMI JAN in 2022 to uplift your spirit, to create a renewed sense of hope and resistance. We do this by focusing on our ancient culture and supporting local artisans. We are not relics. We are very much alive. And we will return.

Please join us in sharing the QAMI JAN spirit.

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