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Our signature URTZ TEA is back! This is the same herbal tea that we serve at our NYC popups, lovingly made with lemon thyme grown in our home garden.

This is not your grandmother's thyme tea. (Nor is it ours for that matter.) Though this tea is inspired by the hospitable Armenian tradition of serving urtz (ուրց), or thyme tea, to guests after dinner, our tea is updated for a contemporary palette. We use lemon thyme, which gives a fragrant, floral-citrus taste, which is then heightened by spearmint, and balanced by a dash of earthy summer savory. 

Each beautifully designed tea tin includes 8 large, individual sachets packaged for your convenience. The sachets are heat-sealed paper tea bags. When you're out of sachets, remove the labels from the tin, then wash and repurpose this tin to store other dry items in your pantry.