Flowers of the Highlands Bookmark

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Infused with seeds and petals from flowers native to the Armenian Highlands, one of the earth's most biodiverse regions, these bookmarks make a unique gift.  They can be planted, to create a bouquet, or kept as a reminder of your thoughtfulness. 

The seeds include Forget-me-not (cynoglossum), Bachelor’s Button (centaurea cyanus), and Bells of Ireland (moluccella laevis). These are flowers that are common to French- and English- garden bouquets, and yet most people do not know their origins.

As with old tales that are just as powerful when read today, we hope these bookmarks can breathe to life new connections and dreams. Please consider purchasing one for yourself and one to gift, for someone else to discover.

- Seeds: Forget-me-not (rose cynoglossum), Bachelor’s Button (centaurea cyanus), and Bells of Ireland (moluccella laevis)
- Bookmark measures: approximately 2 x 7 inches
- Arrives inside a beautiful cover with planting instructions

Please allow for minor variations among bookmarks, as each one is unique.