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🇦🇲 - Discount pricing (50% off) for friends based in Armenia and free for residents of the Republic of Artsakh as of/until the year 2020. Send us an e-mail or a message in the chat to receive the promo code.

Each month, we publish our digital QAMI JAN magazine. There is no other publication like ours, because this one speaks directly to you and your experiences and also lets you open your hearts to each other. (Download our complimentary debut issue to see what we mean.)

About the Magazine:

The common "wisdom" from late stage capitalists is that magazines are NOT profitable, and for a brand to put out a magazine each month that doesn't even promote the brand's products is just foolish. Ha! And yet, the readership for QAMI JAN Digital Magazine keeps GROWING. With each issue, we receive feedback such as, "I was crying," "I felt so seen," "I haven't experienced anything like this." 

That's because we tackle tough topics that usually get algorithmically DEmoted by most social media and e-commerce platforms. Topics such as thousand-year-old cultural traditions, genocide, healing intergenerational trauma, indigenous liberation and strained national identity. And somehow, we manage to do it in the most visually stunning way, where you are left feeling 1) empowered with new knowledge and 2) imbued with the pride of your existence. Yes, our continued existence is a miracle. And it's a beautiful one.

It is not easy to put out this type of magazine. Nearly each day, there is a new "obstacle." Heck, Google Ads flagged us for a policy violation for having a photo of Dadivank Monastery in Artsakh (flagged as "violence and dangerous organizations.") Yes, Armenians sitting on their indigenous land is threatening--to some. Let's unpack that.

If you made it to this page, in spite of everything working against us, it's for a reason. Thank you for finding us. 

What to expect:

Stunning photos of the Armenian Highlands, conversations that aren't always easy but are necessary, articles and interviews that make you feel connected to the spirit of the Armenian Highlands and each other. In addition to our articles, each month's issue contains our discount codes for 10% off the QAMI JAN shop, and we provide other exclusive offers (such as complimentary tickets to events in the NYC area and online events)--meaning your subscription more than pays for itself.

We promise each issue will make you feel something. If not, we will refund your money. 


About the February Issue: For the Love of God!

This issue of QAMI JAN Magazine is on fire! 50+ pages of interviews about ancestral healing, packed with information and reflection, exclusive offers to QAMI JAN subscribers, and, of course, stunning photos of the Armenian Highlands. We had fun with this one! We chatted with:

  • Ani Kalafian, who shared with us so much knowledge on different divination traditions in Armenian culture, from reading flour, to wine sediment, to her tool of choice: COFFEE!
  • Pauline Yeghnazar Peck, who discussed how her own ill-fitting experiences with Western therapy propelled her to shift professions and pursue a PhD program in psychology. We asked her some tough questions, and she delivered! … including how to raise driven, hardworking children without the tough love (and often toxicity) of SWANA immigrant parenting.  
  • Siranush Yeritsyan, an Armenian mother of the diaspora, reveals how she starts each trchnakir letter she paints with a prayer and intention for the recipient. At such a critical time for our people, she shares how to honor and continue referencing Armenian culture and history.

Download the current issue (February 2024) now!

If you are looking for past issues, click here.