Brocade Vase

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The Brocade Vase is one of the most interesting vases we have seen. We first spotted an unglazed version of the vase in a corner in TUMO Studios, Yerevan. Thinking it was from leather or fabric, we were surprised to discover that it is actually a ceramic vase, featuring a beautiful brocade pattern that emulates Armenian needle lace. This version, produced for QAMI JAN, is glazed and retains every bit of the character that first intrigued us.



  • Designed and handmade by Levon Sargysan during an atelier led by Bisila Noha.
  • Material: clay + glaze. Each item is handmade and has minor variations.
  • Made in: Armenia
  • About 5.5 inches wide and 10.5 inches high
  • Limited production, less than 20 made



QAMI JAN is pleased to offer products by TUMO Studios, a free educational program that invites the world's best designers to teach technical workshops to university-age students and young professionals in Armenia, who have a passion for artistry and design. Sales of these items benefit TUMO Studios, which is completely free for its students. QAMI JAN is excited to be the authorized retailer for TUMO Studios in the United States, as we share their passion to cultivate the next generation of Armenian designers and artisans.