Ararat Spice Mix

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smoky, sweet, and earthy

"basturma in a pinch"

This rich smoked paprika blend combines mild, chocolatey Urfa chili with fenugreek's savory onion flavor, evoking basturma spice blends of the Armenian Highlands.

These small jars pack a lot of punch.

We love sprinkling Ararat over our eggs, and mixing it into our lula kebab.

We call it "basturma in a pinch."

The Details: 
INGREDIENTS - Urfa chili, pimentón, fenugreek, spices
CONTAINS - garlic
2.5 oz. by weight

About La Boîte:

La Boîte is a collaboration between Chef Lior Lev Sercarz and the "Spice Masters," based on Chef Lior's signature spice blends informed by his classical training and world travels. Sourcing from farmers and premium producers around the world, La Boîte’s unique, high-quality spice blends transform any dish from everyday into unforgettable. The La Boîte brand has become a destination for culinary enthusiasts, professional chefs, and home cooks alike. Be sure to follow the brand for the latest updates on spices, how to use them, events, and more! #yalla


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