Emanating from Mount Ararat, the peak upon which Noah's ark came to rest, and carried by the winds of the Armenian Highlands, QAMI JAN is a lifestyle brand for those seeking objects with significance.

QAMI JAN translates to “Wind, my dear,” but these words convey deeper meanings. Our culture understands “wind” (qami) as synonymous with the word “spirit.” And addressing someone as “my dear” (jan) means you are speaking to that person’s breathing essence or “soul.”

In this way, QAMI JAN is a personified version of the Armenian spirit, which can transform you and equally be transformed by your intervention.

We work with artists, designers, and other creatives that tap into the robust culture embedded in Armenia and its diasporas. Through our designs and thoughtfully curated items, we aim to heighten your experience with everyday objects.

We consider the details; asking questions such as: does the object tell an important story? How does it feel in your hands or on your body? What kinds of feelings does it evoke? Do the answers to these questions make the object something that you can treasure?

Wherever you are in the world or in time, you can access your ancient connection to the Armenian Highlands. We believe that QAMI JAN will touch your spirit and uplift your soul.