Armenia Candle

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Papier d'Arménie was born in Paris in 1885 from the experiments of a chemist and a scientist. Their idea came from a journey to Armenia, the highlands where the indigenous Armenian communities used benzoin resin  – derived from the bark of trees –  to purify the air in their homes.

This Armenia candle retains the authenticity of the Armenia burning incense papers. It brings together ingredients from all over the world: cedar from the Atlas Mountains, cinnamon leaves from Ceylon, sage leaves from Morocco, and lavender flowers from Provence, hinting at the Armenian Highland's strategic position on the Silk Road and conduit for spices, herbs, and ideas between the east and west.

Made from vegetable wax, this candle has a cotton wick that provides a burn time of more than 50 hours.

Tips on how to use
- Trim the wick to about a quarter of an inch before lighting the candle.
- Let the candle burn until its surface is liquid. Extinguish the flame so that the hot wax diffuses the candle's scent.
- Always use a snuffer or dip the burning wick in wax to extinguish it, instead of blowing it out.
- Avoid inhaling the smoke directly.
- Ventilate the room after use.
- Do not leave burning product unattended or within reach of children.