ART – Siranush Yeritsyan – Trchnakir Letters (Armenian Birdlike Calligraphy)

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QAMI JAN is pleased to offer Siranush Yeritsyan's paintings of individual letters of the alphabet, created in the trchnakir style (birdlike calligraphy).

These bespoke paintings are a special gift, an heirloom to pass on to future generations, or simply an artwork to inspire you in your living space – as you will notice new details, from a rich cultural aesthetic, each time you admire these magnificent works. 

Please note: each work takes 2-3 weeks to produce. Because these are made-to-order artworks, they are not eligible for returns.

Each painting is unique to you. You choose the letter. Please indicate in the "Notes" section at checkout the Armenian or English letter of your choice and any additional information about the recipient of this bespoke piece. If you need help selecting a letter or would like the artist's advice, let us know.
  • Armenian or English trchnakir (birdlike calligraphy) letter
  • Each work is custom-framed by the artist: the decorated letter is cut out of the canvas and placed on a background to give it a floating effect; this suspended birdlike letter is then surrounded by a painted-gold inner frame and white matting, and finally completed by a white frame with glass
  • The work within the frame is signed by the artist on the back
  • Dimensions: approximately 40 x 50 cm | 15 x 20 inches
  • Estimated production time 2-3 weeks
  • Ships from the artist's studio in Germany | Kindly note that the fee for packaging and shipping artwork is $85, which you will see at checkout

Siranush Yeritsyan is an Armenian artist living in Germany. Her paintings of letters of the Armenian alphabet, inspired by the writings of monk and mystic Grigor Narekatsi, were intended to serve as future family heirlooms, to pass on part of the Armenian microcosm to her family members and close circle of friends. With the assistance of QAMI JAN, Yeritsyan has agreed to make her works available to a wider circle. 

Artist's Biography
Yeritsyan's life has always been marked by an inner connection with her Armenian heritage, and as such the thematic focal point of her work lies strongly in Armenian art and religion. From an early age, she devoted herself to painting, playing the piano, theater, and especially singing, and also appeared as a soloist on Soviet Armenian television. Off the stage, she studied engineering at Yerevan State University, which has not kept her from following her inner calling and expressing her Armenian identity through art. She faced a significant challenge when, as a young mother of three sons, she moved to Germany with her husband. As an Armenian mother in the Diaspora, she now preserves her heritage by painting letters of the unique Armenian alphabet in the intricate style of Armenian illuminated manuscripts and miniature illustrations in exacting detail. 

Artist's Process
"The starting point of a painting cannot be determined exactly. I often and very much enjoy listening to Armenian folklore and classical music, preparing incense and reading my Narekatsi or listening to Sos Sargsyan's recitations of the same. My eldest son and I collect Armenian literature and illustrated books, and through them I am equally inspired and immersed in the proud beauty and history of our miniatures, manuscripts, relics, cross stones and monasteries. This aesthetic gives me the creative power to contribute a small part to this rich heritage. This creative power always blazes within me. At some point it starts to burn inside me. Then I reach for my pencils and take a large sheet of paper. Now my sketch begins, which makes up the largest part of the work. It is only finished when it is perfect. Throughout the process I always examine whether the elements and figures are harmonious with each other and whether the letter amalgamated by them corresponds to my imagination. If this is the case, this is for me the birth of the painting, which is then decorated with colors to give life to the newborn."