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Did you miss out on a past issue of QAMI JAN Magazine? Don't worry. We have you covered. 

About the FEBRUARY 2024 Issue: 


Issue No. 7  | For the Love of God!

This issue of QAMI JAN Magazine is on fire! 50+ pages of interviews about ancestral healing, packed with information and reflection, exclusive offers to QAMI JAN subscribers, and, of course, stunning photos of the Armenian Highlands. We had fun with this one! We chatted with:

  • Ani Kalafian, who shared with us so much knowledge on different divination traditions in Armenian culture, from reading flour, to wine sediment, to her tool of choice: COFFEE!
  • Pauline Yeghnazar Peck, who discussed how her own ill-fitting experiences with Western therapy propelled her to shift professions and pursue a PhD program in psychology. We asked her some tough questions, and she delivered! … including how to raise driven, hardworking children without the tough love (and often toxicity) of SWANA immigrant parenting.  
  • Siranush Yeritsyan, an Armenian mother of the diaspora, reveals how she starts each trchnakir letter she paints with a prayer and intention for the recipient. At such a critical time for our people, she shares how to honor and continue referencing Armenian culture and history.

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    The Armenian people, worldwide, are in a state of despair. 100 years after the Armenian Genocide, we saw that the loss of our people, homeland, and culture has not ended, most recently with the violent uprooting of Artsakh. We founded QAMI JAN in 2022 to uplift your spirit, to create a renewed sense of hope and resistance. We do this by focusing on our ancient culture and supporting local artisans. We are not relics. We are very much alive. And we will return.

    Please join us in sharing the QAMI JAN spirit.

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