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Introducing our URTZ TEA, made with our signature blend of lemon thyme, spearmint, and summer savory. This is the same herbal tea that we serve at our NYC popups.

In Armenia, urtz (ուրց), or thyme, tea is a symbol of hospitality and warmth. It is often served to guests as a gesture of kindness and welcome. And it is enjoyed after meals to aid with digestion. 

In our URTZ TEA, experience the balance of floral citrus (lemon thyme), invigorating refreshment (spearmint), and subtle earthiness (summer savory), that transports you to the rolling hills and verdant valleys of the Armenian Highlands. The lemon thyme, in particular, gives this tea a fragrant, floral note, which separates it from traditional Armenian urtz teas and makes it uniquely QAMI JAN. 

Each beautifully designed tea tin includes 7 individual sachets packaged for your convenience. The design of the tins, adorned with our Armenian-inspired logo, makes for a lovely display in your kitchen and can be re-purposed to store other items in your home. 

Quantities are limited, so shop a tin of our URTZ TEA today and enjoy the warmth of this cultural tradition.

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